Spring 2010

This production opened on April 30, 2010 and closed on May 9, 2010.

Alice in Wonderland was performed in the spring of 2010 and was directed by Bob Hollis. This whimsical fantasy used elements from both of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland books, and the production became one of Swamp Meadow’s largest and most impressive productions to date.

Alice In Wonderland Cast

Alice – Emily Carter
Small Alice – Madison Cook-Hines
Petite Alice – Rebecca Shea
Grande Alice – Chris Morelli
Tweedledee – Evelyn Dubois
Tweedledum – Hannah Blanchette
Tweedledork – Kyle Inman
Tweedledoo – Tyler Vigeant
White Rabbit – Gary Pickard
Cheshire Cat – Kimberly Dalton (week 1), Katie Lewis (week 2)
Caterpillar – Meryn Flynn
Mad Hatter – Jake Wolf-Jensen
March Hare – Casey Ryan
Dormouse – Isabella Giorgianni
Queen of Hearts – Julia Arnold
King of Hearts – Chris Brostrup-Jensen
Duchess – Kaila Rubin
Executioner – Sean Nicholas
Jack of Hearts – Michael Resnick
Sister – Amy Juker
Bird Family – Bryan, Lisa, Alex, Jill, Sam, and Ben Cerullo
Mock Turtle – Zach Gibb
Tiger Lily – Alexa Hebard
Rose – Emily Dubois
Snapdragons – Dacia Cruz, Jake Farnum, Mallory Cottam, Sarina Resnick, Emma Ryan (week 1), Kimberly Dalton (week 2)
Poppy – Hannah Gibb
Daffodils – Rebecca Green, Erin Young, Rosemary Paolucci (week 1), AnaCapri Mauro (week 2)
Daisies – Ruth Lear, Ruby Perry, Kyla Duffy
Dandelions – Gabriella Crisostomi, Liana Nerbonne, Shannon Simoneau, Sarah Lear, Maddie Shea, Sarah Lear
Grey Mouse – Dennis Chretien
Dodo – Audrey Dubois
Lory – Brian Wolf-Jensen
Eaglet – Aidan Lurgio
Owl – CJ Mitrelis (week 1), Chase Lurgio (week 2)
Fury – Anna Hughes
Brown Mouse – Catherine Ellis
Father William – Stacey Swift
Young Man – Eryk Thoman-Thurber
Humpty Dumpty – Elijah Fontenault
Carpenter – Eryk Thoman-Thurber
Walrus – CJ Mitrelis
Sun – Brenda Reges
Moon – Sara Gentile
King of Diamonds – Chris Morelli
Queen of Diamonds – Amy Juker
Queen of Clubs – Gianna Soprano
King of Clubs – Zachary Morelli
Queen of Spades – Emily Cannavo
Ace of Spades – Devlin Cook-Hines
Spade 2 – Emma Ryan
Spade 5 – Erin Young
Spade 7 – Ruby Perry (week 1), Kimberly Dalton (week  2)
Spade 9 – Erin Nicholas
Ace of Clubs – Michelle Chretien
Jack of Clubs – Emily Chretien
Club 3 – Rebecca Green
Club 6 – Rosemary Paolucci
Club 8 – Catherine Ellis
Old Oysters – Laura Tirrell, Sarah GelSomino
Young Oysters – Justina Paolucci, Brooke Fasano, Abbi Dexter, Julia Ellis, Allison Capron, Brienna Plantier, Joslynn Reges, Vanessa Toic, Gabriela Adams, Emily Duquette
Hedgehogs – Victoria Willard, Anthony Piccolo, Andrew Clyde, Hazel Lear, Alice Lear, Falyn Lusignan, Joshua Tirrell, Anna Hughes, Allison Capron, Emily Duquette
Crows – Mia Nerbonne, Amelia Dexter, Ella Dexter, Aubrey Castore

Director – Bob Hollis
Assistant Director – Liz Dubois
Producer – Laura Giorgianni
Stage Manager – Zach Farnum
Costumes, Assistant Producer – Carol Goulet
Set Design – Eric Dubois
Make-up – Mary Jehu
Backstage Director – Ellen Robillard