Holidays 2015

This production opened on December 5, 2015 and closed on December 20, 2015.

A Christmas Carol 2015 revisits Charles Dickens’ holiday classic with an eye to making this 175-year-old icon fresh, relevant and possibly even a little surprising for a modern audience. While remaining faithful to the structure, characters and themes of the original, we have updated the language and details of the story to bring it forward into today’s world.

So, please, join us this December and enjoy a very old favorite made new again. It’s a Christmas miracle!



Ebenezer Scrooge: Mike Grandy
Marley’s Ghost: Rob Silva
Frosty (Ghost of Christmas Past): Connor Holden
Santa (Ghost of Christmas Present): Meryn Flynn
Ghost of Christmas Future: George Fortin
Barbara Crachit: Laura Gibb
Mr. Crachit: Rob LeBeau
Martha Crachit: Izzi Giorgianni
Peter Crachit: Mike Resnick
Belinda Crachit: Becca Kilday
Tiny Tim: Hazel Lear
Phoebe: Hannah Gibb
Belle: Rachel Stevens
Fred: Shane Inman
Dick Wilkins: Shane Inman
Child Scrooge: Hayden Heroux
Teen Scrooge: Maia Grandy
Young Scrooge: Zach Gibb
Mrs. Fezziwig: Leota Barber
Mr. Fezziwig: Bob Hollis
Ignorance: Alice Lear
Fear: Hayden Heroux
Topper: Connor Holden
Jillian: Leah Filder
Lizzie: Jessica Lamoureux
Narrator: Sharon Safford
Solicitors: Stacey Swift, Jayne Lear
Suzie: Lauren Corbett
Billy: Hayden Heroux
Mary: Shannon Simoneau
Old Joe: Jonathan Safford
Turner: Steve Resnick
Andi: Mary-Helen McDonald
Caroline: Ruth Lear
Turk: Zach Gibb
Mrs, Oliver: Cynthia Corbett
Fezziwig’s Daughters: Alice Lear, Silvia Spaziano, Delilah Wolf
Hospital Staff: Leota Barber, John Cole, Cynthia Corbett, Laura Giorgianni
Ensemble: John Cole, Cynthia Corbett, Lauren Corbett, Laura Giorgianni, Alice Lear, Jayne Lear, Ruth Lear, Mary-Helen McDonald, Steven Resnick, Jonathan Safford, Shannon Simoneau, Silvia Spaziano, Stacey Swift, Delilah Wolf