Swamp Meadow Creative Studio

Swamp Meadow Community Theatre’s Creative Studio will open new creative avenues for members of the community by providing organization around and access to technical resources as building a program to collectively expand our knowledge and skills.

SMCT Creative Studio will provide the following activities to the SMCT community:

  • Podcasts: We will record the publish podcasts on topics of interest to the community.
  • Radio Plays: We will create radio plays, initially using materials in the public domain or written by our own members, that allow us to learn voice acting, foley (sound effects) work, audio recording and editing, and placing the material online for public access via the Swamp Meadow Website.
  • Short Films: We will create short films, again using original material or material in the public domain, using our own personal equipment to learn the craft of filmmaking from lighting and makeup, cinematography, art direction, special effects, and acting on screen to post-production, foley sound creation, editing, and scoring. Our goal is eventually host a regional juried short films festival under the Swamp Meadow banner, perhaps at a future Old Home Days.
  • Animation/Cartoons: We will learn the art of animation and cartooning in various media (drawn, computer generated, South Park-style cut outs, etc.) and bring to bear the same skills as advanced above including voice acting, sound effects, and so forth.
  • Your Ideas Here! This is what we have thought of. What can you imagine doing?

Creative Studio has received a generous grant from CAST! In return for our providing regular content promoting CAST’s message, we will have the funding to purchase everything we need to meet our needs! This includes audio, video, and lighting equipment as well as tools for editing and other post-production.

Our first meeting will be held on September 21 at 7PM! Interested? Contact Andy at AndyAffleck dot com to find out more or to volunteer your time!