July 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

The following are the minutes from the SMCT Board Meeting on July 11, 2015. Click the link below for a downloadable PDF version.

SMCT_MeetingMinutes_7-11-2015 (public)


SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – July 2015
July 11th, 2015, 10:15am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members Present (voting members in bold): Dennis Chretien, Artie Robillard, Carol Mauro, Shane Inman, Bob Hollis, Mary-Jo Chretien, Emily Chretien, Gabrielle Dworkin, Kaila Rubin, Nikki Boss, Chris Brostrup-Jensen, Michelle Chretien, Maia Grandy, Meryn Flynn

Meeting begins – 10:15am

Executive Director

-Policy sub-committee meeting

-Need to continue discussions, need more meetings
-Meetings need to be scheduled
-Details of meetings need to be more clearly defined
-Dennis will put together topic/date and email other members

-Have rights for Tom Sawyer been paid for?

-Unsure. Chris will investigate and remedy situation


-Creative productions; Chekhov plays will not proceed under Chris’s lead

-Replace Chekhov plays with The Sea Wench dramatic reading for Unplugged

-Meryn will determine whether it can be done
-Performed as dinner theatre at Country Club in addition to Town House performance
-Very little time for advertising
-Perform as Unplugged in the Summer, as dinner theatre in the Fall
-Saturday evening, Sunday matinee
-Unplugged performance done in early August
-Admission by donation for Town House performance
-Bob will find dates for Country Club performance
-Use author’s personal story for promotional purposes
-Chris will write article for Artie by Thursday (23rd)

Public Relations

-Discussed press releases in Coventry Reminder before shows, Artie agreed to do it

-Discussed Bob taking on relationship with school (superintendent, etc.)

-Decided responsibility should remain with Artie

-More outreach to community? Fewer local people involved and coming to shows

-Every Door Direct – send postcards to everyone on a carrier route
-Refrigerator magnets with season and contact information; 8 per page size
-Local commercials; investigate cost and benefits
-Radio ads also a possibility

-Swamp Meadow Banner

-Moving forward with replacement banner
-No use rushing it for Tom Sawyer, wouldn’t be up long enough

Motion to replace lost banner – Seconded/Passed
Motion to produce magnets by Old Home Days with $200 limit – Seconded/Passed


-Nikki will write something up for Tom Sawyer and Foster Idol

-Eric is not available to run a full-page color ad for Foster Homer Journal, may need to hold off and run it in the Bargain Buyer

-Dennis will run the ad

-Old Home Days

-T-shirts from all shows around booth
-Some kind of fishing game (involving magnets) to promote Tom Sawyer
-Liz may not be able to make coloring sheets; if not, Connor could handle it
-Have flyers been made yet? Find out from Eric
-Nikki will ask Connor if he would be willing to draw caricatures at the booth


-C.A.S.T. has approached Bob about grant money they would like to spend by September, and are looking at SMCT and another theatre to do so

-“40 asset builders for community” (family and community values, avoiding drugs, etc.) to be incorporated into 20 minute skit
-Troop needed to perform piece at schools and at mid-October event
-Unclear exactly what the audience is; elementary through middle school most likely

-Creative studio will be asking for money from CAST in return for monthly video or podcast promoting the “40 asset builders” for one year

-Nikki will look into large-scale fundraisers for 2016

Motion to ask CAST for grant money in return for monthly productions for a year, with no current intent to continue seeking a similar grant on a yearly basis – Seconded/Passed


-Halloween show; one night, half hour show – Seven Wives for Dracula

-Production team required to provide guidance
-Potential for costume contest before show
-Two shows, first at Isaac Paine, second at Senior Center

Motion to fund Seven Wives for Dracula as short Halloween show – Seconded/Passed

-Nikki will look into establishing presence at Scituate Art Festival


-Mic stands and boom mics are needed for Foster Idol


-Nikki will contact Trinity regarding showcase event

-Showcasing Little Shop would portray SMCT as children’s/teen’s theatre
-Any vignette from Our Town would lose weight without previous scenes
-Chris will contact Zach and Laura Gibb about showcasing scene from Cuckoo’s Nest
-Incorporate stories of how kids move on to great things with SMCT


-Shane will talk to Andy about getting the entire board integrated into Slack

Other Directors

-Artie is in negotiations with senior center as a location for USO show. No definite answer yet

-Show will take place weekend of Veteran’s Day
-Producer is needed for show, request will be attached in newsletter

Motion to adjourn meeting – Seconded/Passed

Meeting adjourned – 1:20pm