Learning Lessons and Getting Better

At SMCT, we strive to make every show better than the one before. Thus we want to learn what we can from every show, and share those lessons with our friends in the next production. To do that we want need your help.

We want to know about any aspects of the production that, in your opinion, improved the quality of either the show itself (the patrons’ experience) or of the process of participating (your experience). Let’s call these our “Bulls-eyes”. But we don’t learn only from success. We also want to know about any aspects of the production that went poorly or affected the quality of either the patrons’ or your experience of the show. Let’s call these our “Misses”.

By “aspects” of the production we mean anything from the general (e.g. scheduling of shows and rehearsals, how the director interacted with cast and crew) to the very specific (e.g. the placement of particular props, the format of post-rehearsal notes). Make your comments as detailed or general as you want. We welcome and appreciate whatever you can share with us.

Finally, a note about privacy. This form is completely anonymous. If you would like to share your contact information with us, we welcome that. If you would like a response from the direction team to your thoughts, we can accommodate that as well.

Thank you so much!

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